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Combined wedding video & photo

More couples than ever are understanding the importance of documenting their day through both still images as well as moving ones. Hiring a videographer as well as a photographer for your wedding is becoming increasingly popular and the two methods of visual storytelling are becoming equally important as each other as people continue to integrate video content into their lives.

So if you are planning to hire both a photographer and videographer, why not have us capture both for you?

Combined wedding video & photo
Your memories captured without compromise

Your memories captured without compromise

You might be wondering how we manage to do both photography and videography at the same time at your wedding. The simple answer is we have gained experience and practised and over a number of years we have developed a way of working as a team to capture both video and photo to an excellent standard alongside each other.

80% of the weddings we photograph hire us to create their wedding film as well!

Complete wedding storytellers

Thanks to the advances in technology we have been able to invest in equipment that allows us to record high quality video along with high resolution stills using the same cameras. For parts of the day, like when you are getting ready, we will typically work separately so we can cover both wedding parties, switching between photo and video at the right moments.

Other parts of the day we will work together, one focussing on photography and the other videography, or utilising multiple cameras placed at different angles to obtain different perspectives. For example one of us might be at the front and the other at the back of the room during the ceremony, both of us operating a camera recording video and taking stills with another camera – it is like having 2 photographers and 2 videographers, but instead a discrete, relaxed, team of 2 who work seamlessly together.

Complete wedding storytellers

5 Reasons to have us capture your photos and videos on your wedding day

Our Wedding Film & Photo

On the day we will probably take thousands of photos, we find it is best to capture as many moments as possible.

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Is there a better way to know if you can trust and rely on a wedding photographer than hearing the experiences of previous couples? Here are some reviews – we are really proud of them!

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Naomi & Ashley

Rossington Hall - Doncaster

Your Story have an easygoing and relaxed approach when it comes to getting the perfect shot, you don’t even know they’re there at some points!

Charlotte and Nick | Wedding Photography & Videography by Your Story Studios

Charlotte & Nick

Thicket Priory - York

They were attentive to our needs and really listened to what we wanted.

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Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Sarah & Oliver

Tithe Barn - Bolton Abbey

The effort and detail they put in before the wedding day to make sure they get to know you a little bit, is such a lovely touch.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Cheltsea & Liam

The Parsonage Hotel - York

The pictures, videos and reels you made are fab and we will cherish these memories forever.

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Our collections are designed to provide you with options to choose the coverage on the day and the memories you receive after the wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions, so we have answered a couple below and more more on our FAQ page. But if you have a question we haven’t answered we would love to hear from you.

Which is most important videography or photography?

In our opinion, both are as important as each other, but they provide you with different memories. Being able to hang a frozen moment in time, on your wall, to enjoy everyday as you sit on your sofa or walk past it in the hallway, is where still images thrive.

A video is more focussed, you have to purposefully watch it, but when you do, the sound and movement combined really brings the memory back to life. Modern videography allows for greater creativity, potentially way beyond what you have previously seen!

How do we arrange a consulation?

After you enquire with us through our contact form, or email/call we will send you some more information and invite you to have a video/phone call consultation. We love to get to know people and give you the opportunity to ask any questions directly. You are welcome to visit us in person if you prefer.

Do you work alongside other photographers?

Absolutely. Although we offer both photo and video for some weddings, we enjoy working alongside other photographers and have been fortunate to spend wedding days with some amazing talents in the photography industry. If you have already booked a photographer or have one you specifically want to take your photos, we would always prefer you go with them for your stills and we can make you an amazing video!