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A little bit about us

We are a small, family run creative content agency, producing all inclusive multimedia assets for businesses and organisation’s. Using a range of film and photography techniques to enable your organisation to achieve it’s aims, maximise growth and elevate your cause.

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People invest in people and a purpose they believe in, that’s why we are driven to create the content you need to connect with your people, service users or target audience.

An eye for detail

With an eye for detail, organisation, and a combined 30 years service in Police management and investigation roles, we’ve been incredibly lucky to have felt the joy and the heartache of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences life can bring. Lyndsey has more recently qualified as a teacher of Business, enhancing our collective experience to include working in partnership with charitable organisations, health and social care, and educational services, and this has enabled us to develop a natural empathy, compassion and understanding of effectively communicating and working with diverse and hard to reach communities.

Keighley College
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Experience, detailed and structured

Experienced in the investigation of complex crime, detailed report writing and structured interviewing, we are able to effectively listen and interpret the needs of your organisation. In recent years we have built and run a successful videography and photography business which has given us the opportunity to apply our existing knowledge and experience and develop news skills in telling the story of people and small businesses and not for profit organisations, in an emotive and creative way.

Telling your story

Telling your story through uniquely created content gives us the opportunity to convey the passion and purpose of your organisation in a way that expresses your mission and values so that your intended audience connect with your message.

You’ll have the reassurance of knowing that we adopt a professional and inclusive approach to the way that we work, and strive to remove the barriers to accessing our services by being transparent about our processes and always being approachable, friendly and easy to work with.

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How we work

We love to meet new people from organisation’s who understand their identity and purpose, and have the desire to achieve their goals by communicating directly with their intended audience. Our aim is to create targeted content that you need to showcase your services and products in ways which will authentically convey your mission and values to those that matter to you.

Our core values

We feel incredibly lucky to able to work as content creators for a living, and believe that people place their trust in us because our core values underpin our approach to the way that we treat people and run our business. We behave with integrity and kindness, and It’s important for us to share this with you, because we hope you’ll see this reflected throughout our website, social media and communications.

Relationship over transaction

From the moment you enquire with us, we are invested in getting to know you and your organisational ‘why’, learning about your goals and values, so that we can begin to prepare to convey the key messages that will enable you to achieve growth or elevate your cause. For us, this is far more than simply selling a product or a service to you, we want to build a relationship and ensure that we provide unique content that could only be for you.

We bring our extensive experience of delivering excellent customer service into our own business, and pride ourselves on always considering how we can go the extra mile for you.

Inspired by people

We have been able to enjoy doing this and improve our business over the past five years because we love people and hearing about the journey they and their organisation’s have been on. Some of our clients, have faced heartache, adversity and great personal challenges in their lives, and even failure in business.

These experiences inform who we are and the resolve within us all. The more we learn about you and your organisation’s aims, the more attuned we become, and this influences our creativity.

Break the mould with individuality

There are no carbon copies here. We devote so much time into getting to know your organisation and your mission and values that underpin your overall goals and strategy, because we care deeply about making the content that is not only a real representation of your purpose, but everyone connected to it .

We’ve spent time making improvements based on the feedback of our past clients, and also re-educating ourselves, because we always want to learn new things about videography, photography and podcasting and remain creative


Our terms of service and guidelines outline the level of service you can expect from us and gives clear project completion and implementation targets. We have a strong work ethic and behave with integrity, treating everyone with respect and dignity, and ultimately want to create content that will assist your organisation to meet its objectives and succeed.

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