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Funeral Live Streaming in Sheffield

Are you concerned that people who want to pay their respects cannot be there?

Our professional multi-camera live streaming using HD cameras and high quality, multi-source audio to connect viewers wishing to observe in real time, wherever they are in the world.

Enabling those who can’t be physically there, to still be part of Funeral Services and burial’s.

Live Streaming - Professional Livestreaming by Your Story Studios

From funeral services which take place in places of worship or crematoriums, to a burial – we can provide the resources to enable transmission to those who cannot be there but who can watch remotely, in a professional, respectful way.

Sharing this celebration of life with others

When funeral services take place, it’s often the case that their legacy is far reaching, but when those who wish to remember and pay their respects cannot be there, our live streaming service makes it possible for them to still be part of remembering.

Our discreet, versatile and mobile streaming equipment can facilitate this utilising cellular connection and battery power – and this way you can stream from anywhere (subject to cellular 4G/5G connectivity.)

Live Streaming - Professional Livestreaming by Your Story Studios
Funeral live streaming in Leeds

Stream to one or a number of platforms

We are based in Yorkshire and have the resources to set up a live stream on a range of platforms and can discuss the most suitable one with you, depending on the content you are delivering, with options from YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Facebook.

We can also build a custom webpage for you, to embed the stream into, so that you can deliver other information alongside your visuals, for example, sharing the order of service with viewers.

Live streaming live events Yorkshire

Are you concerned that some people who cannot be there will miss out on paying their respects?

Let us help.