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Creative, innovative, looking to do something new. If this sounds like you then you will probably love our content! There are many ways to learn and grow, many points of view, different methods to succeed, our aim is to help open minds and navigate a path to owning your skills as a practitioner and business owner.

How to Shoot Hybrid Podcast

A welcoming, open minded and inclusive educational community for wedding photographers, videographers and hybrid shooters.

The How to Shoot Hybrid Podcast is a unique educational podcast where we openly discuss the challenges, benefits and practicalities around shooting both photography and videography. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills in either area or offering both services together, this is a place where you can hear from the experiences of those who have provided a dual service for years.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience to help others build sustainable, exciting and bespoke businesses so that they can do what they love for a living and enjoy a balanced life alongside work.

Online Courses

We dive into how to overcomes challenges, master your craft and general chats with some of the most influential minds in the wedding industry.

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