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My Story

I’ll be around most of your wedding day, so we should be aquatinted!

It is really important that you will get on with me and feel comfortable, so on this page you can find more info about me and my approach to capturing your wedding day. All photographers and filmmakers work differently and will have different personalities, so one of my biggest pieces of advice to anyone getting married is to find a great match for you.

Jules the wedding photographer & videographer

Who am I?

I am Jules, husband of the incredible Lyndsey, dad to my amazing daughters Beth and Amy, and dog-father to Monty. I have immense love and time for my wider family and friends. I go for a walk (and chin-wag) with my mum most mornings, she’s very important, as are many others. I have four siblings and lots of close friends.

An authentic, genuine person. I am in touch with my emotions, I feel and think about things deeply. I really care for, and about other people, which is reflected in my previous careers and life experiences that are diverse and maybe surprising.

How long have I been telling wedding stories?

I’ve been telling wedding stories for 7 years, capturing weddings all over the UK and abroad. Becoming friends with many other suppliers, recommend by lots of venues, featured in press, blogs/publications and being recognised by awards. But the biggest honour is to have been trusted by hundreds of couples to help them create very special memories.

I also have a first class honours degree in photography and filmmaking, and as well as running my own business I help others by teaching/mentoring them in photography, filmmaking and business skills.


Photographer & Filmmaker Jules Nelson

Other things that make up my story…

Nelson Family Photo

“It was like having an extra 2 friends at our wedding”

Charlotte & Sam, Caswell House, November 2021

The Backstory

Lyndsey and I met as young, enthusiastic police officers back in the mid 2000’s. We got married soon after and we built successful careers in the police, Lyndsey a detective and I was a Sergeant. Working opposite shifts is difficult and after having children it was clear we wanted to have more time together into the future so we needed to figure out what we do next.

Although I had always enjoyed capturing personal memories with a camera, I had no experience doing it professionally and no experience in the wedding industry. But something drew me to wanting to learn wedding videography and so I set out to teach myself how I could do this in a modern, creative way.

Jumping in with both feet

I started filming weddings, left the police and enrolled on a degree course in Photography and Filmmaking, Lyndsey was also studying business. It was an extreme change of direction and a big risk financially for our family, but it took off really quickly and soon Lyndsey left the police too to join me in the business full time offering our services as a husband and wife team.

Those first few years were such a challenge, but also so rewarding. We learnt a lot very quickly and we had big plans ahead of us, leasing and renovating our own studio space and expanding into offering photography as well as videography.

Your Story Studios at a wedding

How things developed

The wedding industry was shaken by the events of 2020 and fresh off the back of completing our degree’s Lyndsey followed her interest in education and signed up to teacher training to keep open our options financially. This would be the start of a new career for her and alongside capturing weddings with me over the past few years she secured a job with the department for education.

Lyndsey still shoots weddings alongside me occasionally, but with a full time career and a young family our plan is for me to take the business forward on my own. I have been lucky enough to build up a great team of trusted associates who I have been capturing weddings alongside for years, so when I require an additional photographer/videographer at your wedding it is likely that it will either be Lyndsey or one of my trusted team that come with me.


Making a connection

I edit all of the work we capture myself, I would say my editing style is different to most wedding filmmakers and photographers. The customer service and experience is also very important to me, so in order to give 100% to all of my couples I limit myself to around 20 weddings per year.

After many years of change and exploration, the balance has been established, and moving forward I hope to work with couples who really connect with me and my work, hence the reason for sharing a little more of my story than you would typically find on a wedding suppliers website!

Yorkshire wedding photographer
Jules capturing a wedding

How I work

Although there is an artistic element to what I do, the real skill is using my intuition to understand people and fit in with the vibe of your wedding day. I work discretely to blend in with your guests, capturing the day as it unfolds in a natural way.

I believe that wedding photography and videography is is about people and memories, cameras and creativity are just vessels to travel to the destination. I want you to feel comfortable and be yourself, whether I am taking photos or capturing videos I use the same minimal equipment, in a manner appropriate to the relaxed atmosphere of your wedding.

Visual memories are so important

My own life has reminded me how important photographs and videos are, they can transport us to another place, a time we once experienced, with people we love dearly. I don’t want to just take nice photographs or create good looking films. I want to capture an authentic, true representation of you, your day and help you (and others) feel meaningful, priceless emotions.

The work you see on my website are all real wedding days, not models, and apart from asking you to go for a walk or stand in some nice light there is very little that you will see that didn’t just naturally happen. If you want me to, I would like to take a couple of nice portraits of you and I am happy to capture group images as I feel they are important.

Jules taking wedding portrait photographs
Jules your wedding photographer and videographer

Get to know me better

Click the link, fill out the contact form and let’s arrange to have a chat.