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One of a kind wedding films

Creating personalised wedding films for couples who treasure important memories.

Let us create something completely unique, bespoke and something you will truly connect with. Please take a look at some of the examples below to see what makes us different from other wedding videographers.

Elissa & David | Cotton Beach Club | Ibiza

An emotive, family focussed, epic celebration

A multi-day Jewish wedding celebration that begins with a beautiful ceremony in the couples garden at home in Leeds, before transporting their guests to a fun filled, sun fuelled beach party in Ibiza. The film begins with the proposal at the Glastonbury festival and ends with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Jen & Peter’s Story | The Orangery at Settrington | North Yorkshire

Beautiful, Luxury, Elegance

Imagine the perfect speeches from both a bride and groom, a mixture of playful comedy with emotional storytelling. Set in one of Yorkshires most beautiful venues to create a summer love story with a lot of laughs, a lot of fun and a sprinkle of magic!

Hannah & Sammy’s Story | The Pumping House | Nottinghamshire

Unique, Lively, Party Vibe Wedding

Hannah & Sammy wanted their wedding to reflect there approach to life – to live it to the full!

With personal touches to showcase their love of travel, passion for music and having fun. While ensuring that the love for each other, their family and friends remained at the centre of their day.

Get ready for something fun, fast paced and different!

Jodie & Lee’s Story | Botleys Mansion | Surrey

Luxury outdoor ceremony with an abundance of entertainment

Jodie & Lee’s wedding was a non-stop extravaganza at a gorgeous venue a little outside London in the suburbs of Surrey.

Rich in beautiful styling, thoughtful touches, emotional moments and an array of entertainment to keep their guests up and dancing all day.

Soulful singers, gospel choir’s, DJ and Sax, to a 7 piece party band in the evening and a breathtaking firework display to finish off the celebrations!

Sam & Sean’s Story | Middleton Lodge | North Yorkshire

The Perfect Family Wedding with a Relaxed & Luxurious Feel

Sam and Sean had already shared many years together, so it was important that their day reflected their more relaxed and low key approach to life.

Their plans revolved around those that they had been apart from during covid, with a packed out, personalised ceremony. The celebration featured an Ibiza style DJ, brilliant band and a appearance from Sean’s traditional Irish pipers.

Char & Luke’s Story | Gaynes Park | Essex

Appreciation of Being Together

Char & Luke have been though a lot since they first planned their wedding. So everyone who came to share their day felt complete appreciation for the opportunity to share such a special occasion.

But they don’t take life too seriously and wanted something uplifting so created a real fun atmosphere with garden games, live saxophone and singing waiters. If we had to summaries this one in threes words; gratitude, love and party!

Sarah & Chris’s Story | New Craven Hall | Leeds

Urban Hip Hop Vibes

A love of music, creative arts, design as well as fun, colourful visuals. When this couple explained their vibe we built the concept for their film before their wedding had even taken place.

Queue an awesome song, slick transitions and something completely different from your typical wedding film. Even though it was one of our early films, it is still one of our favourites.

Lydia & Adam’s Story | St Stephen’s | London

An upbeat feel good film full of the couples character

After seeing Sarah & Chris’s film (shown above). Lydia & Adam told us they had been looking for a wedding videographer for ages but had not seen anything that ‘felt like them’, until they found us.

There are many subtle details in their film that reflect them and their journey. Complemented by sounds, music and pacing that immerse you into their unique wedding day. While also featuring locations around London, including a very famous zebra crossing outside a recording studio!

Lauren & Dominic’s Story | Abbey House Hotel | The Lake District

Uniquely ethereal, mysterious and passionate

When the weather was overcast and ladened with fog on the morning of Lauren and Dominic’s wedding day it could have left a feeling of disappointment.

Instead it provide the perfect conditions to match this couples genuine passion for each other. Mixed with this beautiful location we were able to create a very unique wedding film which we crafted with a timeless black and white grade to match it’s deep, emotive soundtrack.

Emily & Matt’s Story | Family Farm Wedding | Yorkshire

Beautiful Boho on a Barnsley Farm

There was something really special about capturing Emily & Matt’s wedding which took place the next village along from where we live. This celebration was super personalised, with everything from the lads taking a morning run and swim at a local reservoir, to converting the brides family farm into the ultimate festival location.

Traditional Irish music and dancing, the amazing New York Brass Band and ibiza style DJ sets created some serious party vibes. The cherry on top were some of the most beautiful sunset walks through crop fields you will ever see – OMG.

Unique wedding films for perceptive couples

Our wedding films are very different from each other, with diversity, inclusivity and individuality at the heart. A variety of vibes, styles, music and pacing, carefully and consciously put together so that your film will feel like you – whoever you are!

On your wedding day we take in the details subtly whilst letting the day unfold. Throughout the day we focus on simple and effective techniques to capture images and sound, paying attention to light, composition and movement.

Although we are experts in filmmaking, we would rather focus on being a good friend throughout the day to ensure you have a great time.

Yorkshire wedding films
Natural, relaxed and creative wedding films

Creative wedding filmmakers

We invest ourselves into each wedding, planning ahead and taking steps to learn about you as individuals, your personalities and your relationship. Carefully sequencing shots together and controlling the pace and progression to move you through the story to build something immersive to watch.

After the wedding, we spend days, sometimes weeks, carefully crafting what we capture into a story. Blending the right music, audio recorded from the wedding and sometimes added sound to enhance the emotion.

The process we go through for each wedding ensures that individuality and personalisation is achieved for each story we tell. For us it isn’t just another wedding, it is an opportunity to tell a special story.

Reviews of our wedding films

Is there a better way to know if you can trust and rely on a wedding videographer than hearing the experiences of previous couples? Here are some reviews – we are really proud of them!

Jenny & Matt | Wedding Photography & Videography by Your Story Studios

Jenny & Matt

99 Mary Street - Sheffield

We fell in love with their work, and when we met them we knew they were the filmmakers for us.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Ellie & Marc

Leeming House Hotel - Lake District

You hardly know Julian is there on the day and we are so thrilled to have the memories to keep forever and watch again with family & friends.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Joanne & Daniel

Woodlands Hotel - Leeds

My advice to everyone getting married is you need a cinematographer to be able to relive your day. This is the man you need for that, fact! “Thank you” doesn’t offer enough appreciation to this creative genius.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Emma & Rameen

Balbirnie House - Scotland

They are complete masters at what they do and have a genuine passion for it. Their dynamic and cinematic videos are the future of wedding videography.

Videography Collections from Your Story Studios

Are you looking for Photography & Videography together?

A single point of contact. A team who work with each other every week. A consistent look and feel to both your wedding photos and wedding films. If this sounds appealing why not have us tell all of Your Story?!

Any questions?

You may have a few questions, so we have answered a couple below and more more on our FAQ page. But if you have a question we haven’t answered we would love to hear from you. Or if you would like to read more about why you should invest in a wedding video check out this blog post we wrote here.

Do I need one or two storytellers?

That is completely up to you. We can advise you what will work best once we understand a little more about your plans and the logistics of your day. For example, capturing both of you getting ready in separate locations, or where there are multiple venues incorporated into your day, are likely to require at least 2 storytellers. If all of your plans are taking place in one venue it is likely 1 storyteller will be able to capture everything. It may also depend on the service we are providing and the final products you would like to receive.

What equipment do you use?

Most people don’t need to know how the sausage is made, they just want it to taste good! But if you want to geek out with me about camera gear, we use a number of Sony Mirrorless cameras and we currently have the Sony A1, the A7siii the A7 iv and a number of other cameras as well as a range of Sony, Tamron and Sigma prime and zoom lenses. We use DJI drones and gimbals, rotolight LED video lights, godox strobes and rode/zoom/tascam/sony microphones etc to capture nice clear audio. We have your wedding covered – but we use all this stuff sparingly because we don’t want you to feel like you are on a film set!

Do I need both photo & video?

The short answer is yes. If you can afford both video and photo they will probably be the best investments you make for your wedding day. If I had to choose just one it would be video because I get to feel more emotion through moving images accompanied by sound.