Welcome to Your Story Studios - Weddings

Welcome to Your Story Studios

Yay, the new website is finally up and running! We are Lyndsey & Jules and we’re so thrilled to be sharing this with you and wish the warmest of welcome’s to Your Story Studios. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and thank you for taking a look at our website and our work.

We started our storytelling journey back in 2017, when Jules (sometimes Julian, sometimes Ju!) had a dream of following his creative instinct by using film and photo to provide memories of an incredibly special day for couples. From the very beginning, we created stories that were as individual as the people involved. That’s the only true way to do it right? Having spent over 15 years in the police and experiencing both very meaningful, and harrowing incidents, we feel that we have a diverse understanding of people at their core from all walks of life, we can empathise and believe in treating everyone with respect.

Our lives are shaped around our two girls, and we’re at our happiest when we can spend time altogether, doing things we enjoy. That’s something we missed out on when we were in the Police, so to have had the opportunity to start over, doing something we love and to have so much more time with them, has been a blessing.

It’s our firm belief that you never know when life will change and the last two years have taught us all that, if nothing else! You simply don’t know when you’ll hear that voice or see that face for the last time, and that’s what inspires us to create such unique wedding fims and photos.

These days, we all enjoy sharing our moments with others. There are so many social media platforms, and communication applications that sharing is instinctive rather than planned, and recording media is ingrained into many peoples lives. So with this journal we will share some of the stories we’re lucky enough to be given the chance to help tell, there will be helpful hints and tips, and insight into some of the things we have been up to.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit and for looking through our work, we hope our purpose resonates with you and maybe you’ll give us the chance to tell your story.

Best wishes,

Lyndsey & Jules x

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