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Why Pre-wedding shoots can help put you at ease

Five reasons why we think a pre-wedding shoot is worth it’s weight in gold!

  1. You can both meet your photographer/videographer in person before the wedding day and get to know them and their personalities. This will give you the reassurance that you’ve made the right decision and you know that you’ll have someone with you on your day to take care of you both, and document your wedding in a way that truly represents the two of you.
  2. It could be time alone together to forget about the everyday hustle & bustle. There’s no doubt that life is just so busy and the everyday routine can sometimes mean that time alone for you is rare. Use the time together to take a quiet walk, get back to nature and enjoy talking and laughing together.
  3. It could also be a time to get some pro snaps of you and your brood; whether that’s your kids or your pets. Couple’s aren’t just two people, some are already a family, so why not bring those who are an important part of your family unit.
  4. Practice your “Chandler” smiles and get a feeling for what you’re comfortable with when it comes to having a camera capture moments of a stare, a kiss, hand holding or hugging. Are you more naturally shy, serious, fun, animated?
  5. Bottom line for us……it really does take the sting out of the wedding day portraits and removes your nerves, making it more relaxing and enjoyable for you on your wedding day, because you’ve already formed a rapport and a relationship with your photographer/videographer and they will then know much more now about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Take a look at Charlotte & Sam’s Pre-wedding Photo-film.

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