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A little bit about us

A wife & husband team of friendly and creative wedding filmmakers and photographers. Documenting your day in a calm and relaxed way, whilst blending in like two extra guests. Using our experience of over 100 weddings and underpinned by our core values, we create memories that are so immersive, they enable you to relive your day in a very real way.

Hi, we’re Lyndsey and Jules. We got married 15 years ago, so we know exactly what it’s like to have to make a decision on who are the right people to document your day. We wish we had understood back then, what we know now about the importance of our wedding film and photos feeling like a true portrayal of our personalities and the feel of the day. They’re nice to look back on, but they don’t. And that’s what inspires us to get it right for our couples.

It’s your story

Choosing the right photographer and videographer is challenging because you have probably never done this before. Our approach to telling the story of your wedding day is to be inclusive, focus on you as a couple, your personalities, the way you want your day to feel, and all the things that are important when it comes to the experience you and your guests want to have.

We create immersive stories which are individual to you and your day, so that you feel the connection with your memories. Everything from the amount of direction on the day, to the music used in your films, and use of dialogue and pacing is tailor-made for you.

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Lyndsey Owner of Your Story Studios


With an eye for detail and organisation, as a former Police Detective and more recently qualified teacher, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have felt the joy and the heartache of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences life can bring.

Telling your wedding stories through film and photos gives me the opportunity to convey how you felt in those moments, in a way that expresses the celebration and joy of your day. If you asked me to describe in two words, how it feels to be part of your day, that’s easy; genuinely, privileged.

Outside of work, I love getting outdoors with Jules and our girls, and we’re blessed to be able to be so present and see them grow. A self confessed chocoholic and Kylie obsessed, (New York and Paris on the list of places i’ve seen her live), the Joe Wicks app, Business and Wellbeing Podcasts and Audiobooks give me the right balance of focus and distraction when I need it.

Jules is the best cook ever, so gimmie his food, fizz, Friends or a good spy series and i’m happy.

Jules Owner of Your Story Studios


With a background as a police sergeant, my experience of spinning lots of plates, communicating effectively and making decisions under pressure makes me well equipped for capturing your wedding day. I have a first class degree in media and photography so you can be assured I know what I am doing with a camera and editing your wedding story.

Weddings are amazing because not only do you get to share some of the most special moments with people and create a legacy of memories which will last forever.

I have always enjoyed playing sports, in particular Basketball, cars and going to the gym, although these days I spend more time sat in traffic, watching the formula 1 and sitting in the sauna than I do working out! My favourite drink ever is a long island iced tea, and I love all kinds of cuisine. My girls are my world, I cannot watch father of the bride speeches without welling up because I imagine myself in their shoes one day – I am not sure I can cope with that!

Your Story Studios

Our core values

We feel incredibly lucky to able to document weddings for a living, and believe that couples place their trust in us because our core values underpin our approach to the way that we treat people and run our business. We behave with integrity and kindness, and It’s important for us to share this with you, because we hope you’ll see this reflected throughout our website, social media and communications.

Relationship over transaction

From the moment you enquire with us, we are invested in getting to know you as a couple, and learning about your story, so that we can begin to prepare for your day and create memories that are as individual as the two of you. For us, this is far more than simply selling a product or service to you.

We bring our extensive experience of delivering excellent customer service into our own business, and pride ourselves on always considering how we can go the extra mile for you.

Inspired by people

We have been able to enjoy doing this and improve our business over the past five years because we love people and hearing about the journey they have been on. Some of our couples have faced heartache, adversity and great personal challenges in their lives. These experiences inform who we are and the resolve within us all.

The more we learn about you as a couple, the more attuned to you we become, which means that if there are moments on your wedding day that are just for you, we’ll recognise this and will not intrude.

Break the mould with individuality

There are no carbon copies here. We devote so much time into getting to know you, your likes and dislikes and musical preferences before your wedding day, because we care deeply about making memories which are a real representation of you.

We’ve spent time making improvements based on the feedback of our past clients, and also re-educating ourselves, because we always want to learn new things about videography and photography, and remain creative.


You’ll hear us describe a wedding day as a privilege! On a day so meaningful, full of love, family and friends, you give us the opportunity to be part of that for you, and we don’t take the responsibility of capturing those faces, the laughs, the tears, or the emotions, lightly. You should know, that for us it’s a genuine privilege to be there and from the beginning we’re committed to telling your story.

How we work

How we work

We won’t be in your face and we won’t tell you what to do.

By investing time into understanding you as a couple, we listen to who you are at the core, and how you want your wedding film and photographs to make you feel. We allay any concerns about large and intrusive equipment by using small cameras and tiny audio recorders in a manner appropriate to the atmosphere at your wedding.

Blending into your wedding day like two extra guests, means that you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable or like you’re being watched. You’ll see us discreetly helping out where we can, chatting to your guests and of course filming and photographing your day as it unfolds.

Adapting to you on your special day

Though we prefer to document things as they naturally happen, rather than direct, we’re easily adaptable and will provide a little direction for certain shots if you want us to.

Once the day is over we piece it all together to tell the story of your wedding day into a film, or set of photographs that look, sound and feel; just like you. You’ve been on a journey together and you have your OWN story, so your wedding story in film or photo should resonate with you, that’s why we take great pride in creating stories which are a true representation of the two of you – there are no carbon copies here!

Adapting to you on your special day
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What to learn more about us?

We haven’t always been wedding storytellers, and we’ve worked hard to learn how to do this in a meaningful way, through film and photo. Beginning life together by seeing the adversity and the challenges that some have to overcome gave us the desire to tell the stories of couples, in an inclusive and relevant way.