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One of a kind wedding films

Hire a wedding videographer, we promise you won’t regret it, whoever you choose! But why should you choose us?

You should choose us to create your wedding film if you want something completely unique and bespoke to you. Each wedding is an opportunity to create a completely different story using your personalities, your relationship, the location you choose, and the people you share your day with.

​The stories we create are all different. Some will be slow, emotional and full of romance, others could be fast, exciting and fun. On many occasions there will be a mixture, with changes in energy and feeling that will take you on a journey through one of the most important days in your life.

​Your film will feel like you – whoever you are.

Wedding Videography
creative wedding filmmakers

We are creative wedding filmmakers

Couples choose us to capture their wedding because of our natural and relaxed approach to filming you on your wedding day. Rather than create fuss, we are friends, sharing our experience of weddings with you and your loved ones so we can help you enjoy your day. We are creative in our approach by empathising with your feelings, as well as being creative with our cameras!

We take in those details subtly whilst letting the day unfold. Throughout the day we focus on simple and effective techniques to capture images and sound, paying attention to light, composition and movement. Although we are experts in filmmaking, we would rather focus on being a friend throughout the day to ensure you have a great time.

Unique videography for perceptive couples

However, filming the wedding is less than half of the creative process. Most of the magic to tell your exclusive story is done in the planning and editing stages, and this is where our attention to details about your personalities, your wedding, and the sounds and shot transitions are implemented.

In many instances, these tiny details are hard to notice individually, and that is the intention! Combined together, these small details in conjunction with the way we capture your day, helps us to create something that will pull you into the film, activate your emotions, and take you back to those moments.

Unique videography for perceptive couples
Our investment to you

Our Investment in you

We invest ourselves into each wedding film we create. We take our time to choose the right music and dialogue audio that we record on the wedding day. We carefully match shots together, add sound to enhance the emotion and control the pace and progression to move you through the story. Our intricate and detailed process after the wedding day is integral to you preserving the memories of your wedding and enjoying sharing it with your loved ones into the future.

Keeping your memories with you

Once we have finished crafting your story together in a way that is perfect for you, we want you to be able to enjoy it and share it in a way that mirrors the way we are all used to watching visual content. This is why we deliver your film online, via digital download as standard and provide you with options to receive a physical copy of your films should you want this.

Keeping your memories with you

What does a real wedding day look like

We really believe that it is one thing to see the best posed photographs that a wedding photographer has ever taken during a workshop or styled shoot, but you really want to see what a wedding looks like and how we approach capturing a day, like the one you will have!

Let us take you through how we capture a wedding and show you the type of images that really make us tick. We love images that tell a story, capture moments and enable you to relive how things felt on your wedding day and preserving memories of those precious people in your lives.

Our Wedding Videography

On the day we will probably take thousands of photos, we find it is best to capture as many moments as possible.

Take a look at some of the stories we have been able to tell for other couples.

Hannah & Dan

Hannah & Dan

Wedding Videography

Lauren & Dom

Lauren & Dominic

Wedding Videography

Our Videography Reviews

Is there a better way to know if you can trust and rely on a wedding videographer than hearing the experiences of previous couples? Here are some reviews – we are really proud of them!

Jenny & Matt | Wedding Photography & Videography by Your Story Studios

Jenny & Matt

99 Mary Street - Sheffield

We fell in love with their work, and when we met them we knew they were the filmmakers for us.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Ellie & Marc

Leeming House Hotel - Lake District

You hardly know Julian is there on the day and we are so thrilled to have the memories to keep forever and watch again with family & friends.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Joanne & Daniel

Woodlands Hotel - Leeds

My advice to everyone getting married is you need a cinematographer to be able to relive your day. This is the man you need for that, fact! “Thank you” doesn’t offer enough appreciation to this creative genius.

Wedding Photography & Videography | Your Story Studios

Emma & Rameen

Balbirnie House - Scotland

They are complete masters at what they do and have a genuine passion for it. Their dynamic and cinematic videos are the future of wedding videography.

Videography Collections from Your Story Studios

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Our collections are designed to provide you with options to choose the coverage on the day and the memories you receive after the wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions, so we have answered a couple below and more more on our FAQ page. But if you have a question we haven’t answered we would love to hear from you.

Do I need one or two storytellers?

That is completely up to you. We can advise you what will work best once we understand a little more about your plans and the logistics of your day. For example, capturing both of you getting ready in separate locations, or where there are multiple venues incorporated into your day, are likely to require at least 2 storytellers. If all of your plans are taking place in one venue it is likely 1 storyteller will be able to capture everything. It may also depend on the service we are providing and the final products you would like to receive.

What equipment do you use?

Most people don’t need to know how the sausage is made, they just want it to taste good! But if you want to geek out with me about camera gear, we use a number of Sony Mirrorless cameras and we currently have the Sony A1, the A7siii the A7 iv and a number of other cameras as well as a range of Sony, Tamron and Sigma prime and zoom lenses. We use DJI drones and gimbals, rotolight LED video lights, godox strobes and rode/zoom/tascam/sony microphones etc to capture nice clear audio. We have your wedding covered – but we use all this stuff sparingly because we don’t want you to feel like you are on a film set!

Do I need both photo & video?

The short answer is yes. If you can afford both video and photo they will probably be the best investments you make for your wedding day. If I had to choose just one it would be video because I get to feel more emotion through moving images accompanied by sound.