Rachel & Scott - Highlights

Rachel & Scott

17/04/22 | Woodman Inn, Thunderbridge, Huddersfield

Rachel prepared to marry Scott in the comfort of a spacious townhouse with her bridesmaid’s and mum. Scott started his day at home with his two young sons and travelled with his groomsmen and family to the Woodman Inn, Huddersfield, a beautiful country inn, nestled in the scenic village of Thunderbridge, which provided the perfect dual site setting for this fun, family centred and emotional day.

When Rachel began to walk down the aisle, Scott showed us the true emotion and love he feels for her, after two years of delay, so proud and happy to finally call her his wife. Laughter was the order of the day and we have been touched and really enjoyed creating their story. You see the moments of laughter and love in their wedding photos and you see what came before, during and after those moments in their wedding film.

This was the third O’Callaghan family wedding we have had the privilege we’ve had the opportunity to be part of and there ain’t no party like an O’Callaghan’s party!

Best wishes to you Rachel & Scott.

Rachel & Scott

Story Film

Woodland wedding photos Woodman Inn, Thunderbridge

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